Voicethread for Education


Voicethread has become better through the past couple years as I’ve been following it’s progress. It now has features for educators and mobile access so no longer are responses limited to desktop computers. The premise of the application is the ability to respond to text, image, or video with the use of text, audio, or video. In doing so, multiple voicethread users are able to make comments on individual pieces of work.
Lesson Ideas

Storytelling. Place an image within voicethread. After you give the students a chance to review the image, ask them to create and write a short story about the character within the image. Students should include the appropriate story elements according to their grade level. After students have had a chance to write their short story, allow them to create a video response in accordance to the image you posted.

When all the students are complete, there will be multiple video response stories available for students review. Some questions to ask the students when finished. Which story seemed most interesting? Why? What story elements did it include? Were there details to the story that made it more interesting?

Book Response. A teacher may set up an image that has a similar theme to the books that students are reading during a particular unit such as: historical fiction, poetry, etc. Students log on to voicethread and respond with the title, author, and summary of the book they’ve read. As the year progresses, the teacher may ask students to include important details about characters, plot, setting, include key features that led to the climax, or include the main events that led to the character change.

Text Review. An image or PDF document of a short story can be placed on voicethread. Students can respond and highlight important text features that you’ve been studying. It would be important to find a document with a lot of features for students to explore and highlight. As students respond and highlight the text, they can review what others have found.

If you have any lesson ideas or any additional advice for the lessons I’ve shared, please add your comments below.


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