I grew up with 3 siblings on a farm just outside of Peterson, MN. Equipped with a river, 4 churches, and a bar, my little town had it all. It’s tucked just inside bluff country, MN and is a go to place for bike riders and those traveling by canoe. There I went to school as we consolidated with a nearby town. I graduated Rushford-Peterson High School in 2003 and had high hopes for my college football career at the University of Wisconsin in River Falls. I studied Elementary Education,and  pursued my Mathematics minor. During my last year of college I married Sarah Shields in 2008. Through four years of marriage we acquired three dogs; a black German Shepherd named Ninja, a black and brown mixed Minnesota rescue named Kiba, and a tan Texas rescue named Scout.

I taught 5th grade for 2.5 years after I moved down to Texas for my first teaching position and immersed my classroom with technology on a daily basis. During my stint as a teacher in Mesquite, TX, I pursued my Masters in Education Administration through Lamar University in Beaumont, TX. Now that I’ve moved back to Minnesota I’m trying to merge my love of technology with my knowledge in education and child development.


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